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She’s one of my first pieces.

When I was a child  there were several art books around in my home in Buenos Aires, and I remember looking at The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch for hours. It was almost hypnotic. Everything about it was so strange, so old, so far away from my reality, and there was so much going on!

The ideas of the garden, the fantastic shapes and the crazy dandelions come from Bosch’s piece.

Owls are nightly beings; and I was one of those, gazing at dusk, waiting for the night to make everything prettier. That’s what Hortensia is doing, she’s taking advantage of the direct link she has with the moon and waiting for the night to come!

Another thing going on in Hortensia is the idea of a subterranean river of pure energy that connects all living things on earth together, concept taken from traditional Japanese stories and anime.

Hortensia means hydrangea in Spanish. And related to Japanese culture, too is the fact that I read in some stories that hydrangeas are the link between the world of the living and the world of the dead.