Hiatus and new pieces

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Hiatus and new pieces

Those who are close to me know how much work and effort it takes to keep this project alive. In all this time away from these territories a lot has happened. I’ve worked a lot, I’ve made little money, I’ve invested again (after given up out of disappointment) and I’ve lost once more. Or have I?

I’ve gotten into conflicts, I’ve battled moods (mine and others’) on a daily basis. I’ve been overthinking and meditating. I’ve been dieting, exercising and taking care of my health all with great results. I’ve cried and I’ve laughed. I’ve been trying to quit smoking and I have painted a lot. I’ve studied tons and I have passed so many tests. I’ve talked to people and I’ve spent lots of time on my own.

I have grown.

I am different.

I have new scars and new powers.

See if you can get close enough to tell the difference.

Abstract #15
Abstract #15 (click or tap for the main website post)

This is the first of six pieces that I’m going to be introducing to you in the next days, I hope you like it and please, leave entomology out of the comments!

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