If you got here is because you are either interested or already working with me.

Before a photo session I ask all models involved to fill in a MODEL RELEASE FORM in order to set the legal parameters for the event. You can fill in the form online at this link, or you can download a copy in pdf to print out, fill in and deliver BEFORE the session takes place. ALL FORMS ARE PASSWORD PROTECTED, get in touch with the artist for the password.

If what you have is an IDEA and you think I can help realize it, then you can tell me all about it through this collaboration form. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE PASSWORD.
Just a heads up, this link will be hosted directly at Google Forms, that means you will be redirected to a different place to fill it in. The only reason I couldn’t integrate it is because I want you to be able to upload files to show me your ideas. That little detail prevents me from hosting it here.


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