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Some time ago, before the Fort McMurray fires (and the subsequent unexpected move to a new city) I was a happy man who had created an object he didn’t know he could: an art catalogue.

I sent a small batch to print and then I sent them to the world to see what they would think. I did want to print more, but costs didn’t allow it. Even though it was a small batch of catalogues, the response was fantastic! Not too long after mailing them I got my first price request and my first sale, which in my mind was the confirmation that I was doing something right (Thank you, Shelly!)

The catalogue received such nice feedback I have no words to express how grateful I am. Well, there are some. All the compliments, every nice word that has been said about me, my pieces and the catalogue are only pushing me harder to get more serious about my practice. In a way, with your feedback, you are creating a better artist out of me. Thank you.

A comment that appeared several times was that it would be nice for me to offer reproductions or equivalent at lower prices. Anyone who has seen one of my pieces in person can tell you that because of the type of finishing I use (super gloss) and the kind of textures I usually create, my pieces are really difficult to photograph and/or scan. I am working towards finding alternative solutions for it, but I can’t promise there will be any reproductions.

Thinking about ways to offer you a more affordable product that would still comply with the same standards my pieces do, I have updated the relevant information included in the “Pre-sale Catalogue” and turned it into the Official Catalogue 2016 of my first eighteen art pieces.

Here it is, you can get it at Blurb!


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