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Some time ago, in the middle of our crazy moving frenzy, I think it was the day after we got to our new place in Toronto, I applied to be part of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
It was a good thing that I did it at that moment because it was pure instinct. I didn’t give myself time to question whether I was good enough to apply or not. I just did it. Very advisable when it comes to these kinds of things…
It’s a two-step process. First, you pay to be a Supporting Member (you’re welcome to join, it’s tax deductible!); then you apply to be an Active Member through the submission of your website to a jury.
Being a national organization, I thought they were going to take their time for my website to be judged. I was wrong. A couple of days later I received this lovely automated email (still…) saying I was officially an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
– What does that mean?
– I’m glad you asked! Here’s a link that explains everything!